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Tips to Prevent Your Site from Being Hacked

Tips to Prevent Your Site from Being Hacked

1. Software and Scripts Up to Date.
2. Plug ins, Add ons and Modules.
3. It’s Your Fault.
4. Protect Your Password
5. Keep your Hosting Account and PC Clean
6. Quality Before Quantity.
7.Backups, Backups and yes.. Backups.
8. Don’t put all your eggs on the same basket.
9. Knowledge is Power!
10. Check CHMOD, Permissions.

1. use codes that will remove malicious codes from input fields
2. Always use super strong passwords, i try to max the number of alpha numeric passwords allows for passwords.. (ie 4 to 8 characters, i use all 8)
3. MySQL server should only be accessible at two IP/domain addresses, and localhost, never outside of that.
4. Don’t use forums if you can avoid it. If you must use a forum please choose XMB Forum. not that phpBB crap
5. If you have a VPS/Dedicated always consider firewalls and Virus scanners, (you never know)
6. If you are really concerned about stuff think about not having a site.

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CDRKing Website was Hacked!  was hacked by TEAM ROCKET !

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