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Alter Space Game @ Facebook

The first Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook.

Your second chance at building a new world, a new life. Only this time, be mindful of the choices you make because every small choice you make creates a bigger impact in your planet. Your only mission here is to stay happy while keeping your carbon emissions low. So you can live safe from disasters, in your brand new planet.

To complete the game, you’ll have to build a network with your friends’ planets so you can eventually turn the grid greener with responsible, sustainable and renewable power.


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Facebook Email Announced

Facebook Email?

So Facebook finally announced their new product — Messages. It’s like a chat, like an email or a text message.
Txt messaging, chat, and email are all together in a simple conversation. It’s Facebook’s way of evolving what messaging should be.

A person and a message.

Here’s a video demonstration of what Facebook Message is:

Now anyone wants ?


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My New Cafe World Design

My Cafe World Design @ 38

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Facebook Epic Fail

Why is that.. a lot of people use facebook as a tweet?
beware you might end up like this…


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