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F*ck*ng USB Virus ( update.exe )

I’m getting a problem with my storage drive these days… by having a low disk drive space in my PC! then i check all the forlders/sub folder of all my storage drive…  and i notice that, i used more than 80GB in my drive C:\ but when i check all the folders.. its only 60G!

thanks to my co-officemate, by sharing the info about the USB VIRUS! or update.exe  ( source )

These  virus is eating up my disk drive! ( click here to view comment on the said virus )

Now how to remove the virus! Read the rest of this entry »


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Interactive Projector from Light Touch Makes a Touchscreen from Any Surface

Interactive Projector from Light Touch Makes a Touchscreen from Any Surface

The gadget shows multimedia content using Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) technology. Because the Light Touch brings high-quality video images in WVGA resolution, the user is able to access any content just like on any other portable gadget.

In addition, the user is free to control the projector and use various applications by touching the picture with their fingers. This is possible thanks to the infrared sensors that turn the projected image into a 10.1-inch virtual touch-sensitive display.

The Light Touch was developed by engineers from Light Blue Optics. Unveiled at CES 2010, the device represents an interactive projector with multi-touch technology that makes it possible to transform virtually any surface into a touchscreen. Read the rest of this entry »

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