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I Recently found a site that can access your computer via web-bases page. It’s like a software to remote a computer via another computer.

LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) is a suite of software services that provides remote access to computers over the Internet. The various product versions are designed for both end users and professional help desk personnel.

LogMeIn remote access products use a proprietary remote desktop protocol that is transmitted via SSL. An SSL certificate is created for each remote desktop and is used to cryptographically secure communications between the remote desktop and the accessing computer.

Users access remote desktops using either the LogMeIn Ignition stand-alone application or a web portal. The web portal requires either an ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer, or an extension for Firefox (the LogMeIn plug-in for Firefox), failing that it falls back to requiring Java in order to run a Java program, and failing that it falls back to “a screen-shot based HTML remote control”. The web portal also provides status information for the remote computers and, optionally, remote computer management functions.

The service connects the remote desktop and the local computer using SSL over TCP or UDP and utilizing NAT traversal techniques to achieve peer-to-peer connectivity when available

Source : wikipedia
LogMeIn :


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AR Logo – New Color (Philippines)

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Web Design : Empire East

Just Created a Web design for Empire East 😀
Still on Modification..

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Facebook Email Announced

Facebook Email?

So Facebook finally announced their new product — Messages. It’s like a chat, like an email or a text message.
Txt messaging, chat, and email are all together in a simple conversation. It’s Facebook’s way of evolving what messaging should be.

A person and a message.

Here’s a video demonstration of what Facebook Message is:

Now anyone wants ?


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Sony Psp Phone

Sony Psp Phone


According to Engadget, this sony ericsson “PSP Phone” has these specifics:

likely boasting Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread)
a custom Sony Marketplace which will allow you to purchase and download games designed for the new platform
sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 (a chip similar to the one found in the G2, but 200MHz faster)
512MB of RAM
1GB of ROM
screen is in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches
touchpad where the analog nubs are supposed to be
no memory stick slot
supports microSD cards

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Manny Pacquiao – Pound for Pound King

Manny “Pacman”  Pacquiao
Pound for Pound King in 8 Division

After Manny Pacquiao’s demolition of Antonio Margarito Yesterday match, Pacman earning his 8th world boxing title.

The Pound for Pound king once again prove to the world that he is the best boxer of all time after beating Antonio Margarito so frightfully in a round-12 match at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium this November 13, 2010.

Apparently, Manny Pacquiao won a unanimous one-sided decision in a blowout from the opening seconds of the fight just enough to capture the World Boxing Council super welterweight title before 41,734 boxing fans in the said stadium.

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TODAY : Pacquiao vs Margarito ( Pacquiao aim for 8 Title )

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao aim for 8 Title Today!

Watch it Live @

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