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Illussion ( Jpeg or Gif )

Just look closely..

Version 1.

Version 2.

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Ragnarok 3rd Job Classes Revealed!!

Here are the names of the new Ragnarok 3rd Job Classes:

Rune Knight (Changes from Knight, Lord Knight)
Warlock (Changes from Wizard, High Wizard)
Ranger (Changes from Hunter, Sniper)
Arc Bishop (Changes from Priest, High Priest)
Guillotine Cross (Changes from Assassin, Assassin Cross)
Mechanic (Changes from Black Smith, White Smith)
Royal Guard (Changes from Crusader, Paladin)
Shura (Changes from Monk, Champion)
Sorcerer (Changes from Sage, Professor)
Dark Chaser (Changes from Rogue, Chaser)
Generic (Changes from Alchemist, Creator)
Minstrel (Changes from Bard, Clown)
Wanderer (Changes from Dancer, Gypsy)

cant wait to play it at pRO ( philippines ).. a come back!!


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Ragnarok Shadow Chaser

Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Features

  • Improved graffiti skills. The Ragnarok Chasers would not be able to make a man hole or a dimension door. This time, it’s not only drawing at all but can affect players
  • They can use a skill called Maelstrom which absorbs area of effect magic while draining SP.
  • Ability to use facepaint which changes the ability of the player. I think this is the coolest skills of them all

Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Skills

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Firefox browser Tips for loading pages 2x fast!

Want to make your Firefox browser load pages twice as fast? Here are a few tweaks you can try

1. Type about:config on the Firefox address bar, press Enter

2. Double-click network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining until their values are set to TRUE

3. Double-click network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and set this to 8.

4. Double-click network.dns.disableIPv6, change value to TRUE

5. Double-click network.http.keep-alive, change value to TRUE

6. Set network.http.version to “1.1”

7. Right-click anywhere on the window and select New, click Integer. Name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set its value to “0”

8. Right-click anywhere on the window and select New, click Boolean. Name it config.trim_on_minimize and set its value to TRUE

Then, restart you browser.


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Metal Gear Arcade mixes 3D glasses

Metal Gear Arcade, which has been sneaking under the radar since its unveiling last June, is playable at Japan’s AOU Expo this week. To mark the occasion, Konami has released a new trailer and two new screenshots of the Metal Gear Online–based arcade cabinet. The trailer is available on the game’s website.

Konami has also provided a first look at the 3D glasses used to enable the game’s “Integral Vision” effect. It’s going to be totally worth putting on those goofy glasses, even after some sweaty guy just used them: not only do they create a 3D effect, the glasses also enable head-tracking. Where you look, Snake looks. To further immerse you in the experience, Metal Gear Arcade also has a mic for voice chat and a giant speaker system surrounding your head. !.

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Samsung Transparent OLED Display Notebook

Do you ever imagine a laptop with a semi-transparent screen? Some of you might not even think about semi-transparent screens. But you can expect a bunch of gadgets with semi-transparent screens on coming days. Samsung has decided to take a step into the future, creating a 14-inch notebook prototype with a semi-transparent screen. When the device is off, the panel is up to 40 percent transparent; the screen casing is made out of transparent plastic, which makes the experience even more seamless.

Samsung has shown of a notebook prototype at CES which features a transparent OLED display, as you can see from the photo below  it looks pretty impressive.

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2010: Year of the Tiger for Pig

PIG: 73% (11 favorable and 1 neutral month)

As a Pig sign person you are the fortunate recipient of not only that famous Tiger luck but also of Metal’s benefit, as it is the element most favorable to you. This is amply demonstrated by your looking forward to so many, positive months in 2010. Even your nemesis, the Snake, can only bring you a neutral one. It is likely to be an exciting time, even a little wild. One key to your success is maintaining self control. You can bet there will be occasions where it will not be easy. Enjoy the ride but do not let yourself get caught up in all the drama. Odds are you cannot keep up with the Tiger the whole way through. Conserve your energy and be ready to hop on your ship when it sails.


A shift in workplace dynamics this year should ultimately be to your liking. Whether it is a change in position or responsibilities, odds are your career is in for a shake up. Pigs have little to fear from the Year of the Tiger; the Tiger is your friend and has your interests at heart. What you can expect by year’s end is more autonomy on the job. That could mean increased flexibility in work hours to afford you a better work-life balance, as well as an opportunity to exercise more creativity. You are also likely to be recognized by your superiors or colleagues for having gone to unusual lengths. Don’t underestimate yourself. Your flexibility and resourcefulness are likely to prove their value this year. Collaboration should play a significant role in your professional life in 2010, and initiatives you take as part of a team are likely to be successful.


Family and domestic matters are likely to occupy much of your time and energy this year. You may find yourself in a caretaker role for an older person, but instead of being a burden, you may actually find you get even more than you give in this situation. So give of yourself freely; the relationship will be mutually rewarding. The year will be an active one, with no shortage of celebrations and memorable gatherings of loved ones. Most of your relationships will be rewarding, and it is advisable to cultivate new friendships. Your longstanding ones are probably secure and may even benefit from the diversity new perspectives bring. If you are single, it is a particularly good year to meet a stable, loving partner. Don’t pass up any opportunity to expand your social horizons.


The Tiger Year is one of change, and for Pigs it is an important time to make positive ones in your health patterns. It is more than likely you have fallen into a rut in recent years or clung to habits that no longer serve a purpose but to bring you down. You know what they are. You should enjoy the energy and gumption this year to finally make a clean break from bad health choices and, just as important, to replace them with new and better ones. Physical activity that makes you sweat should be extremely rewarding; set fun goals and track your fitness throughout the year. It may help to find a workout partner and make each other stick to the commitment. Improvement here will mirror happy developments in other areas of your life. Coincidence? We think not.


Pigs should curtail any unnecessary spending in 2010. You are likely to have enough resources to make ends meet but not a lot of room for discretion. There will be great temptation to overdo, especially where family is concerned. Your intentions are good, but the fact is you probably can’t afford it right now. Show your love and generosity in ways that don’t require credit cards, and let others fend for themselves financially. Resist the illusion you are wealthy when you receive an unexpected sum of money, and bank rather than spend it. You will need it later, as your long term financial security could be at stake.

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