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Website vs Blog

There are a couple of differences between a static website and a blog. The blog is much easier to update and does not require FTP or uploading to cpanel to change.

The blog also has an RSS feed built into it. This allows people to get your feed and know what is happening on your blog at their convenience.

For the second part of the question, you can have a blog without having a domain registered to you. There are services like blogger and that walleye you to have a free blog or their domain.

I recommend that you host your own blog or your own domain. The reason for that is that it takes work to develop traffic to blogs and I would prefer to be coming to a site that I own rather than a site to someone else owns.

As always, your comments are welcome. If you tried to enter a question in the survey form earlier this week please try again. Now that I have questions, look for more regular postings.

1. A website versus a blog in terms of navigation.
2. A website versus a blog in terms of update-ability.
3. A website versus a blog in terms of web usability.
4. A website versus a blog in terms of author-reader interaction.
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